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Breathe Easy, Live Better

Breathe Easy, Live Better

By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

Photos by Kara Langley

Do You Suffer With Chronic Sinusitis?
“Thanks Dr. Siegfried. No more sinus congestion, allergies, snoring or mouth breathing,” Niki Z.
“After the 8th treatment, I was sleeping solidly for 8 straight hours for the first time in 8 years. And by the way, no more drugs!!” Jon V.N.

Breathe Better Now!
Are You Sick and Tired of Chronic Sinus Congestion? Dr George Siegfried, Chiropractic Physician at Dunn Chiropractic Clinic in McMinnville, has been helping patients breathe better with Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatment since 1976. This natural, non-surgical treatment has helped alleviate chronic sinus and other related problems even in patients who have already had sinus surgeries, or those who have considered sinus surgery prior to visiting Dr. Siegfried. “Desperate” and “at the end of their rope,” these patients are grateful for his care and expertise in providing Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatment, which he has performed thousands of times. Furthermore, this treatment uses no drugs and no needles.

Could This Be You?
It’s been estimated that 30-60 million people in America suffer from sinus congestion which can manifest in mouth breathing, dry eyes, dry mouth, snoring, limited sleep and sleep apnea, low energy, loss of smell, taste and hearing. Many have had to resort to a CPAP machine to keep their airways open, just to try and obtain a decent sleep cycle.

Who Can Benefit?
Over the years, Dr. Siegfried, an international chiropractor, treated world class athletes from the 1984 Italian Olympic Team Track and Field Division, United Arab Emirates Track and Field Team, and other world class athletes. He’s treated Broadway dancers, San Francisco Ballet dancers, opera singers and jockeys. Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatment has helped children and adults suffering with chronic sinusitis “get their life back” after experiencing a deviated septum, broken nose, concussion, whiplash injuries, birth injuries and more. Dr. Siegfried has helped so many patients that his colleagues have referred to him not only as the leading expert in this treatment, but also the “guru” and even the “godfather.”

Who is Dr. Siegfried And His Clinic?
Dr. Siegfried has been in practice since 1984 at the Dunn Chiropractic Clinic and is the third generation of chiropractors at that clinic. Established in McMinnville in 1922, Dunn Chiropractic has “A Compassionate Tradition of Natural Pain Relief and Wellness,” states Dr. Siegfried. The father of 4 grown children and 9 grandchildren, Dr. Siegfried studied over 10 years and 1,000 hours as protégé to Dr. J.R. Stober, the developer of this natural, non-surgical specialty. Treatment is self-pay as Dr. Siegfried is out of network for insurance, but patients from all over the world seek him out to help relieve their chronic sinusitis and the drudgery of the related suffering.

To consult with Dr. Siegfried, call the clinic at (503)472-6550, located at 301 NE Dunn Place, McMinnville. Clinic hours are Monday, Wednesday and Friday, from 9AM-6PM. Dr. Siegfried’s website is

My Confession to Oregon...

Dear Friend,

When I meet people in Oregon, they usually say, “Oh, I know you. You’re the doctor that I’ve seen on YouTube with your son Chris, from the Bachelorette.” Well, I want you to know a little more about that picture and why I use it in my ads. In 1976, when I was studying to be a chiropractor, I received an amazing treatment at age 26 that totally changed my life and got rid of my chronic headaches, sinusitis and snoring from falls, bumps and thumps in sports, even a few fights growing up on the streets of Philly. It is called the Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatment from my teacher Dr. Stober, at the University of Western States in Portland. And all I could say then, even now, was WOW! After that first treatment, I was able to breathe so much better through my nose. And my headaches? Felt like a knife was taken out of my head. Even my vision improved from needing glasses to not needing glasses. At age 26, you learn how to put up with a lot, but I was at the “end of my rope,” desperate, in spite of being a competitive athlete pitching in the semi-professional Portland City League. Once I had that adjustment, “the lights went on for me” and I knew at that moment I wanted to learn this special technique, developed, practiced, and taught by Dr. Stober for over 30 years before I had my first treatment in 1976. I was so committed to learning his technique that I spent over 1,000 hours over a 10-year period observing and studying with him and am now a leading expert. I became his protégé and the only student to treat him for his chronic headaches he suffered with from a bad head injury as a kid, leading him to develop this special, non-surgical treatment. I also truly believe he saved my son Chris from a lot of suffering as well.

From Conehead to the Chicago Cubs
You see, when Chris was born, after a 36-hour intensive labor and homebirth, he had a conehead and we were told that he could have some cerebral palsy due to the stress on his head from the birth process. The day after he was born, I took him to Dr. Stober for his first Bilateral Nasal Specific treatment. Right in front of our eyes, my wife and I could see the shape of his head changing. I took over Chris’s care from there and he became an All-Star baseball pitcher and soccer player in high school, a walk-on at the University of Portland, and was drafted by the Chicago Cubs in the 11th round and the 354th pick and pitched for them for 5 years. One just never knows how valuable a Bilateral Nasal Specific treatment and sound nutrition can do for a person’s health. It’s strange how life is because I have treated many patients since 1976 with chronic migraines, sinusitis, snoring, concussions, whiplash, birth trauma, and other conditions related to blows to the head or difficult births. Here’s just one testimonial from a recent patient. And there are reviews as well as my interview on my website:
My name is Landon Haney, and I am now 77 years old. I have had sinus problems off and on since I was teenager. The most recent one started in 2011 and continued until recently. My nose was completely plugged off and I heard about Dr. Siegfried on the radio. I knew from past treatments he had done for me and always helped me, so I called for a consultation. He started his Bilateral Nasal Specific Treatments, and I started noticing improvements after the first few treatments. I’ve had over 9 treatments now and my sinuses have been completely clear. The results of his treatments are, according to my wife, I no longer snore. I don’t have sleep apnea anymore. I’m sleeping through the night, and I am breathing really well with no blockage in my nose. It’s amazing.

Now, My CONFESSION is that I don’t heal anyone!! I never have. I don’t treat or cure any of the problems patients come to me with. Here’s how it works: I make a specific adjustment to the sphenoid bone in your head. Your brain and nervous system then function better. It’s your body that does the healing. And I’ve had amazing results in practice since performing this special, non-surgical treatment thousands of times since 1976. Unique offer: You shouldn’t need expensive surgery, CPAP or drugs to breathe better!!

If you bring in this article, or mention it from online, you will receive a full consultation for only $97 to see if you are a candidate for my Bilateral Nasal Specific treatment. This consultation usually costs $295 to find out if you are a candidate for this potentially lifechanging treatment and could benefit from my non-surgical care plan. If you qualify for care, and decide to take your first treatment, I will waive the consultation fee.

My qualifications? I have been practicing my Bilateral Nasal Specific treatment for over 40 years, the protégé of Dr. Stober, a leading expert in the field, and have even been called the “Godfather” and “guru,” having performed the procedure thousands of times. I’ve treated jockeys, dancers, professional world class athletes, and everyday patients from infants to age 98. I’m committed to helping as many people as I possibly can.

My office assistants are wonderful!! Our office is both friendly and warm and we try our best to make you feel at home. This is a potentially life-changing treatment for you. Please call my caring and enthusiastic staff to schedule your appointment today. I would like to change your life too. You can also watch videos, read reviews and my FREE REPORT on my website at Hope to see you soon!

Dedicated to your health and wellness,
Dr. Siegfried

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