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Get Your Motor Runnin’

Get Your Motor Runnin’

By Patti Jo Brooks, Contributing Writer

Experience the Pacific Northwest from the road! A wonderland of adventure and activities await road warriors and day trippers alike. Considering an end-of-season ski outing to Mount Hood? Or maybe a trip to your favorite Oregon winery for some aged Gouda and a glass of Pinot? Perhaps a trip to the Coast with the kids and the dogs. So what’s stopping you? Not your car, if it’s in good working order. The benefit of regular oil changes and routine vehicle maintenance can never be underestimated; and putting it off has thwarted many a plan for taking to the road. The worst is breaking down enroute somewhere between “here” and “there.” Steve’s Auto Service (serving Yamhill County) is always looking out for your best interests.

Committed to keeping your vehicle road-ready and safe, Steve’s Auto Service is a valuable travel partner for all your journeys along the highway, wherever they may take you.

Steve Drew, owner of both Steve’s Auto Service locations – McMinnville and Newberg — takes pride in running his business with complete transparency. “Anybody can tell you they’re honest,” Steve says, “but I’ve always made it a point from the day I opened to be very transparent.” Steve’s dedicated to keeping clients safe on the road from the hazards of mechanical, electrical and tire failure. He’s committed to providing expert service and value for the price they pay to maintain their automobile.

Aware that vehicle repairs and maintenance can be a major expense for clients, Steve stresses that bringing your car or truck in for regular oil changes helps mitigate or at least manage some of these expenses. In addition to the obvious benefit of running clean oil through an engine, Steve relates that “most shops use oil changes as a point of inspection every time a customer comes in.” Problems or potential problems found by your mechanic that could impact the quality and enjoyment of your life can then be addressed within your own timeframe and budget. Warding off unwelcome surprises that might disrupt or interfere with spontaneous adventure seeking or a well-thought out and meticulously planned road trip cannot be taken lightly.

“We’re there for the long haul for the customer,” Steve says, and he’ll go the extra mile for the regulars including supplying them with new tires as needed. Customer service and providing a great value is such a strength for Steve’s Auto Service that customers go to great lengths to continue servicing their vehicles at Steve’s – many have been with him since day one! One customer who started with the opening of the Newberg location in 2001 has since moved to Seattle, but continues to schedule her car’s maintenance when she comes to town to visit her parents. This same individual was instrumental in encouraging her Seattle neighbor to ship a car to Steve’s to have an engine installed. “We’re pretty lucky to have customers like that,” Steve comments.

Professionally, Steve Drew has worked on cars since the mid-1980s. He opened Steve’s Auto Service as a new shop in Newberg in July 2001. “I swore I was going to do everything myself,” Steve relates: that only lasted about seven to eight months as business grew beyond his ability to handle the workload by himself. In 2016 he bought Ray’s Auto in McMinnville, changing its name to Steve’s Auto Service as well. Today, Steve’s Auto Service employees enjoy a family-style culture which filters amongst the fourteen staff members comprising the two locations. “I am very blessed to have such talented and dedicated employees,” Steve shares. “Without them, none of my success would be possible.” Steve recently purchased a third shop – Ed’s Transmission in McMinnville, which is still in transition but will continue operating under Ed’s name. Keeping the legacy name serves as a tribute to the business Ed began in 1966 and what subsequent owner, Max, who took over in 1998, built over his twenty-five years at Ed’s Transmission.

Residing in Dundee since 1995, Steve and his wife Sandy have three grown children who all live locally. Although the Drews have no grandchildren yet, they do have a “grand-puppy,” their son’s Lagotto Romagnolo, Honey. Bred for truffle hunting, Honey is being trained by the breeders, Amico Roma. Kevin, co-founder of Amico Roma and former employee of Steve’s Auto Service from years back, moved on to become a Lagotto breeder. Kevin and co-founder Carly likewise offer guided truffle hunting tours on their McMinnville property. What a fun experience that would be, heading out to Amico Roma in your well-maintained auto to go truffle hunting!

Receiving top reviews on numerous car and auto sites such as Carfax, SureCritic and Yelp, Steve’s Auto Service believes, “Fixing your car is about trust!” A majority of their business comes from repeat customers and referrals from their very pleased clients.

“We received the best service imaginable! As out of towners we didn’t know what we were in for but their team fixed us up right away and got us in tip top shape. A HUGE thank you from the hippy van!” – Jacque W.
“Excellent service, fair price, friendly and helpful. One of the best car shops I’ve dealt with in 40 years.” – 2015 Acura RDX Technology Owner

Steve’s Auto Service McMinnville is located at 710 NE 3rd St. in McMinnville. Phone (503)472-3483 or email The Newberg shop is located at 112 N Meridian St. in Newberg. Phone (503)554-1778 or email

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